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Im writing a program that keeps track of a bussiness/banks loans and also shows results of the payments recieved and payments not recieved. basicly it's just a program for loans. i need a name and logo for it, any ideas?

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a) how do i add a loan for given member and book id? b) remove a loan for a given member and book id numbers c) list all loans and giving book and member details its for assignment need help thanks.

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i have a a cooperative society website.i need to process the loan members ask for.how will i create a admin page where admin staff process and grants loans to members

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Hello friends, I have just joined this online community. I also started a new website about choosing the best car loan service provider. If you have some suggestion to promot my website then give me your suggestion.

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Hello All- I'm in the process of getting started a complete website for guidance and discussion about a new type of banking/lending. I would like to offer my fellow investors or potential investors greater access to slice and dice the data of one of the key companies involved in this …

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Allow me one last word on the credit crisis of last week. I hope by now I've demonstrated that credit and debt aren't the sole domain of green eye-shaded numbers crunchers on Wall Street. As the green-eye shaded numbers cruncher in your own company's finance department can tell you, bad …


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