I just little confused with targeting Keywords for a page, because when I go through some SEO blogs
They all said Target a Single keyword for a page.

How it is possible?

Let us consider my website the main business of my site is providing loans online, so my website has 4 pages say Personal-loans, Business-loans, Home-loans, and Education-loans
Now let us consider Personal -Loans page
Keywords For my personal-loans page is

Personal loans Mumbai
Personal loans India
Cheap personal loans
Personal loan agents

These are the keywords I target for the Personal loan page
How it is possible to target a Single Keyword for a Page? Please any one explain.

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It’s not about optimizing a web page for a single keyword but optimizing each web-page for one primary and a few related secondary keywords only....Just the way you mentioned.

You can target all 4 keywords on single page on the basis of their priority.

First check out the competition, global & local searches for those keywords. You can use Google Adword keyword tool. If those keywords are having a good number of the searches then you can choose them as a targeted keywords for a particular page. If not then select the another keywords. After selecting the proper keywords try to create title & meta tags for that page.

K, I'll explain it simply.
Single word keywords offer the most for value for traffic and ad value because of the competition.
2-3 keywords offer a decent amount of traffic but not as much as a single, competitive keyword.
Keep in mind there are always keywords or combinations that have not been discovered, that are very valuable. So what I stated before is just a generalization.

Its not one single keyword per page, but one Primary keywords and then all the relevant keywords that directly relate to Primary keyword. For example if you have a page about Personal Loan, you can target the same page with Personal Loan as the Primary keyword and then for Cheap Personal Loan as secondary, Personal Loan India as tertiary and Personal Loan Mumbai as quaternary.

Since the most generic keyword is Personal Loan so it should appear first to get most importance and then the addition of Cheap makes the keyword a bit lower competitive hence it should come to the second place, India represents the geographic targeting so it will get the third position and then the Mumbai because it represents a specific location within India and hence lesser competition.

I agree to the above replies, you can target a single page on several keywords and that the best way to do it.

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