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Hi all new in this forum I'm facing a problem. I need to pass the contents of an XML file to a hash table. The problem is that for each key i have multiple values. i.e. <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?> <Menu> <File> <EN>...</EN> <FR>...</FR> <IT>...</IT> </File> <ShowHide> <EN>...</EN> <FR>...</FR> <IT>...</IT> …

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I would like to know if it is possible to communicate Queries using XML from an application written in VB6 to a website written in ASP.NET. I would need to send and receive everything from a small integer to a medium blob. Also, the database backend is MySQL. This is …

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I am implementing a project on Online book shoping system using JAVA & XML. But I am finding it very difficult to impliment it...My being new to Java is an added woe :cry: Plz can anyone help me...suggestions , codes ..anything...

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My searches (ie. in google) have started to appear in my windows folder. ie i made a serach in google - "what is tkbell.exe" now theres a file in my windows directory called "b2_t_WHAT+IS+TKBELL%2EEXE77.xml" Whats going on?


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