Java Script and Search Queries


Hi again everyone.. Happy New Year. Hope yours was as good as mine.

Would anyone know if Javascript can be used to create complex search queries. I see that you can bring up a Java Console in web browsers such as Chrome and Firefix and I was thinking that with Java Script or some other language you could create a way of making complex search requests?

Do I have this all wrong or can this be done?

Thank you so much


complex search requests

Likely. But please specify what you mean by this.


ooh.. sorry about that. Unclear. What I mean is that lets say I want to search google for
something which contains the word "car" and "boat" together. I would search like this
"car"+"boat" in the google search box. Maybe I would want to search on the date it was listed on the web as well but I can't do that via the google search box.

I'm thinking of anything that I can't search for using the google search box thats all.


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