Ascensor.js Help needed


I'm using Ascensor.js

I have five div

<div id="about" class="section"></div>
<div id="home" class="section"></div> 
<div id="services" class="section"></div>
<div id="portfolio" class="section"></div>
<div id="contact" class="section"></div>

I need to create layout like,

about => left
home => center
services => up
portfolio => down
contact => right

Please help to create layout


You probably need something like this:

AscensorMap:'2|1 & 1|2 & 2|2 & 3|2 & 2|3'

And three <section>'s, one for each floor. In the middle section, you'll need three <article>'s. This is what I make of the documentation.




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