A list of courses is displayed and user has to select 1, so I used radio buttons. The course list vary from one student to another.

If I have more than 1 courses displayed and user selects one, everything is ok, but if I display 1 course, the test is JS seems to not be right...

Validate if radio button(a course) was checked:

function validate2() {
                //validate radio buttons(if a course is selected)
                var n = document.entry2.courses.length;
                ok = 0;

                for(var i = 0; i < n; i++){

                if((document.entry2.ex.checked == true)||
                  (document.entry2.sem.checked == true)||
                  (document.entry2.lab.checked == true)||
                  (document.entry2.pro.checked == true)){

                if(ok == 2){
                    return true;
                    alert("Please select 1 course and at least 1 activity! ok=" +ok);
                    return false;

<form action="Result.jsp" method="post" name="entry2" onSubmit = "return validate2()">

                  Please choose a course from the ones
                  <br> where student is assigned:<br><br>


                <table border="1" cellspacing="1" cellpadding="8" bgcolor= #EBDDE2> 

                 Iterator<String> i = cs.iterator();
                String sCourse = null;

                   sCourse = i.next();    

                  <td><%= sCourse %><input type= "radio" name= "courses" value="<%= sCourse %>"></td>


ok is not becoming 1 at the for loop if there is 1 course only
Thank you!

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