I'm trying to get PubSubHubbub set up but I'm rather confused. I understand the concept but the implementation is troubling me. To get my feet wet, instead of starting my own hub, I decided to use Superfeedr. I think I have it set up correctly, but I want to test it. I can't seem to figure out the absolute easiest way to do that??


I've never used this before, so can't help you. Honestly, I doubt you're gonna get an answer in this sub-forum. There's hardly any activity.


PubSubHubbub is a protocol, popularized by Google, that allows PuSH technology to be used for RSS feed subscriptions instead of polling. The popularity of the subforum shouldn't make much of a difference because most people find threads either through Google search results, recently updated articles listings, the homepage, etc. Still need help though? bump

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