ok, so who can help me on this one? whenever i refresh i get booted out & told that i should select a username - i've logged in like 4 or 5x this morn! i go in to change my profile password & immediately i get that i cant change this profile & i see that i'm listed as Guest. very annoying!!! >:(

ok,so ive deleted my cookies - i still need to log back in whenever i refresh and/or attempt to change my profile settingsl, but it still says "Hey, aeinstein, you have 0 messages." ???

ok, i've done a coupla refreshes & haven't been booted, so.... not sure if its fixed so i'll keep an eye on it; in the mean time if any1 did anything to clear it up, thanx! :D

I think inscissor was having the same problem before and he cleared out his IE Temporary Internet Files (not cookies) and the problem seems to have been fixed? (I dunno!) Maybe he should come check this thread ... ;D

even after i cleared the cache/tmp files i'm still having probs - i must fess up tho, i did login on my 56k when i was having probs with my OOL connection from the storm - maybe i corrupted a user profile file on the server?

Just took a looksie at the MySQL database and everything looks good on my end. You're stored as just a single record in a table of members. Locally, you should have two cookies: one called techtalkuser and one called techtalkpasswd.

ok, thats a little screwy - i came back to the forum and was being shown as a guest up on top, but when i looked to c who else was logged in i was listed as aeinstein, TTG was there and no Guests; i clicked on Profile, made an edit & changed(saved) & clicked on home & am listed as aeinstein, for which i didnt need to login as..... ??? w/that, i'm off to work :-\

That's really wacky. I had a bit of a similar problem previously. If I went into Profile and changed my password, it automatically logged me out but still showed me as logged on. (I guess it was getting confused b/c the cookie on my PC didn't match up with the password in the database?) I had to log out and then log back in to get it fixed, and it's been working since. Incidently ... passwords are stored encrypted, if that could be part of the problem? (I doubt so?)

this is still acting wacky; i've deleted my cache & cookies, made changes to my profile just to kickstart something and reset my password all to no avail. i'm going to monitor things 4 a bit 2 c if theres any pattern & let u know. :-\

aeinstein, I think you cursed me. I cleaned out my Internet cache and cookies this morning and I've been having the same problem ever since! I tried clearing them out a second time to no avail. ??? I'm going to look into this some more too ... it seems the only solution is to alter the names of the cookies themselves, but that would do more damage than it would be productive (especially if we're the only two members with this problem - as everyone would then have to re-login and it still might not work)

i closed out 4 the night, but figured i check back to c if my id (aeistein) was still active even after i logged out - and yep, it is! anyway 4 us to force a log off (i typically check off to be always logged on)?

ok, things r getting bettr - i'm not getting booted in2 a Guest id whenever i refresh anymore, but i still have 2 login whenever i 1st pull up the www... :-\

Everything is working great for me now. How about you?

no things r still a bit wacked but, well, maybe its working the way its supposed to @ this pt. i used 2 just launch IE and i wud b logged in, being TTF is my h-page, but now i have 2 log in. sometimes when i do a refresh it still logs me 1/2 way out - my nic is recognized up top, but i get an error msg stating i should choose a user name... 1st time i'm loggin in since i dropped the stick in my iBook, but thats a post 4 a dif thread!

That's weeeeeiiird. It doesn't do that for me?

well, it seems like its no longer booting me into a Guest id whenever i refresh, but whenever i reopen my browser i have 2 re-login. is that norm?

nope, that's definitely not normal - I open my browser and it says Hey, TechTalkGal ... I don't have to do anything.

well, i deleted my cookies & cleared my cache (temp files on iBook) yesterday 4 the umpteenth time; logged in ok, shutdown IE, launched IE, restarted sys & launched IE, shutdown my sys last night , booted & launched IE now & i still haven't had 2 log back in after clearing everythin out - so thinks r LOOKIN GOOD!!! :D