I've seen a lot of issues lately with OE 6 unable to switch to another ID in WinXP. Three solutions that I know of:

1) 3-finger saluting OE
2) bounce sys
3) deselect default ID setting (and leave setting that way) & do a File/Exit and Logoff, re-open OE & select ID to launch.

Does anyone know of a fix or better solution?


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Its like that for a reason. Since Windows XP is a multi-user environment, one Windows user account has 1 OE6 identity. If another person wants a new identity, create a Windows user account, login as that account, and go into OE6. Presto.

Many of our customers use OE for the simplicity in switching from one ID to another within one PC login - otherwise they would opt for Outlook which is on the vast majority of the syss. Also, OE only locks on a portion ( a good portion, but not a majority) of the systems. That tells me it's not so much a design issue as a glitch. Of course, it could also depend on sys configurations, which we don't have.

Personally, I never understood why Outlook always makes the name of the default profile "Default" instead of using the username of the person logged in.

Did ya know, in OE, you can set the defaults, change IDENTITYs with a click...

(Used XP)
(Hates XP though)

Why are you havin problems?


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