It's taking a full 45 seconds to finish loading a thread (doesn't happen with menus). After clicking on a thread the first half of the firs posts load almost immediately, then something is waiting 45 seconds (yes I timed it with my watch) before the remainder of the information is loaded and displayed. This occurs consistently on every thread on every board, and I noticed the problem just this morning. Something happened in the past 7 hours.

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Same here when I turn off 'Ad-block', loads half the thread waits (45 sec+) and continues. But it never finishes loading. It hangs on three messages:
- waiting for www.daniweb.com
- waiting for aj.daniweb.com
- waiting for cdn5.tribalfusion.com

My guess is that the ad-server has some issues

[edit] With Ad-Block on, loadtime is less then 10 sec.
Here's what I block from DW in Italic Red (no more, no less):

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I like it when weird problems suddenly solve themselves :)

If only all problems in life could be solved by clearing the cache :D


Is this still happening for you? I cleared my cache and the site is loading just fine.

That didn't fix it for me. I deleted temporary internet files, exited the browser, restarted and same problem. IE7 on Vista.


It seems to be fixed for me now. Don't know what fixed it unless it was because my computer was rebooted while I was away working today.

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