I am a beginner at this networking stuff and am dealing with a problem. I work at a doctor's office and we have been having problems with our internet connection being too slow and the programs that we use (CernerWorks) are timing out. I have attempted to download a few registry edits that make changes to the TCP to better utilize the internet connection, but it seems that it doesn't help that much. I have been told to purchase a Load balancing router and that way I can use both my fractional T3 internet connection, as well as, the ADSL. I want to know if there is any way to route the traffic using maybe QoS and/or the Load balancing router to better utilize both internet connections and so that priority will be given to specific programs and/or machines. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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A load balancing router simply routes packets using RIP or similar using available multiple paths if the routing table has them.

You can usually set load balancing to work for a particular destination or on a per-packet basis and the router must "learn" the optimum pathways...which it will execute in learned priority.

There are many options for this in the marketplace and I suggest you do the due diligence with several companies you evaluate rather than rely on brand suggestions from users as their experience probably will not meet your requirements for this essential piece of the puzzle.

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Cisco/Linksys makes several like RV082 - so does Barracuda

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How many computers do you have, and what kind of bandwidth are you using/needing? You may very well have a fine connection, as in the fractional T3 is more than sufficient to carry your network, so the problem may be elsewhere, and not an issue of inefficient packet routing.

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