I had to change computers because my other one bit the dust a couple days ago (64-bit Vista/IE7). Now when I log into DaniWeb I can't see the mod menus in Coffee House -- see thumbnail.

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This is random issue, I think it has to do with data processing by browser. It does happen to me too. I will then just click on Coffee House instead of searching for other options and there they are, all option available to my user level.


I suspect the reason you're experiencing this is because your browser cache is out of date. The menu data is cached, which means that you probably weren't logged in the last time DaniWeb's menu data was stored in your browser's cache (or maybe that was before you became a moderator). If you clear your cache first, then reload the page, you should see the menus go back to normal. (And downloading Firefox 3 worked because it probably cleared the cache when it installed anyway.)

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