Hi all,

Could anyone please check my sample code because I can't see the final result?

Private Sub Form1_Load()
Call AnyNumberArguments
Call AnyNumberArguments(1)
Call AnyNumberArguments(2, 3)
Call AnyNumberArguments(4, 5, 6)
Call AnyNumberArguments(7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12)
End Sub

Private Sub AnyNumberArguments(ParamArray x() As Variant)
Dim y As Integer

Print "Procedure AnyNumberArguments received:"
For y = LBound(x) To UBound(x)
Print x(y) & Space$(4);
Next y


End Sub

Best Regards,


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call the function from some other event expect form_load.

try it inside of a command button click event.

it will work.


Hi choudhuryshouv,

I had already tested that method before. I could see the result.
I also used 'Debug.Print' to do the testing. These two methods can see the result, but I really don't know why we can print out while starting 'Form_Load'.


make the last print command inside ur function body commented.

and one more thing, i have already tried your code in my system, it worked smoothly and displayed the following result :-

Procedure AnyNumberArguements received:
Procedure AnyNumberArguements received:
1 Procedure AnyNumberArguements received:
2 3 Procedure AnyNumberArguements received:
4 5 6 Procedure AnyNumberArguements received:
7 8 9 10 11 12


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