I've lost it. The new look might be 'professional', but it's been at a cost I reckon.

I like to make use of search facilities. There may be a topic I recall and would like to dig up again, there may be an issue I'd like to research before making comment. It's become more difficult to do so. There's a little simple search box at top right of screen, but it's hardly functional to any great extent. The results it spits out are not accompanied by any mechanism to refine the search further.

It used to be that there was a Search button at top left of screen, and if you clicked on the button rather than entering a search criteria, you got acces to 'advanced' search filtering. That's gone, seemingly.

Yeah, I found it! I brought up 'Today's posts', and there, in the topic heading, was a 'Search' link which led me to the advanced filtering entry dialogue. The old way was confusing, and hardly intuitive, and this new way of hiding it is horrendous!

Please, please can we have a 'Search' button with a visible link to the 'Advanced' search filters?

I agree that the old way was not very intuitive. I therefore wanted to make it better when redoing the site, but I thought I'd leave it as one of the last things to do and then figure it out after everything else was done. And it seems I've forgotten all about it!

While I come up with a clever way of having an Advanced Search link, you can go into any forum, and in the Search Forum dropdown, click Advanced Search.

Wonderful! That'll make a grumpy old man very happy!


I KNEW there was a reason why I keep telling people how lovely you are!

I don't see a 'Search Forum dropdown,' how do we access the 'Advanced Search' option now?

There's a 'Search this thread' button on the title bar for this thread. There's a 'Search this forum' button on the title bar for ecvery forum section and sub section menu. Both allow you to go straight to 'Advanced' search in the drop down entry box.

Thanks, Cat, that helps :) But I still liked the 'Advanced Search' we used to have.