i just wondered how old is daniweb?
how much years daniweb took to become a great site?

my god,you are just incredible.it's second birtday and your site has become so famous???????
did you use any magic formula.

You know what? I actually had my dates wrong. It turns out we don't turn two until this upcoming August!

really cool,
it is tough to make a site as famous ,as daniweb is , in two years.great job,keep it up.
i am also planning to launch my site within two months,but i suppose it is impossible to make it as famous as your site is ,in two years.

Thank you and much luck with your site!

We should have some kind of huge party with free food in August!

Don't forget the food now!

We should have some kind of huge party with free food in August!

Don't forget the food now!

Yeah agreed .. but the REAL party where all members can meet in real is almost impossible ... so I would suggest an e-party:D

We should schedule a time and board to meet, and then people can type actions such as *dance to music*, *join Super Smash game*, or even *play toss the H bomb*

This is gonna be gweat! :D

I'm not going to give up. I'm still going to work on trying to plan a massive DaniWeb get together here in New York City. :)

what about the peeps who don't live in the US? :cry:

NYC seems to me the type of place that everyone from around the world can make a nice vacation out of. After all, it's America's melting pot ;) The event would be planned in advance and with enough time and designed to allow people to get plane tickets and passports, etc.

i am living in india ,and i don't think i have so much money to visit NYC.will anybody sponser?? :D :D :D

This is not something planned for the near future. Most likely we are talking about next summer. It's something that is going to take months of planning if we're going to do it right.

I hope it's next summer, or it won't be the second birthday!

But seriously, I have other plans over the summer which also involve expenditure, and i really would'nt be able to make it to NY. I say we should try both types of parties!