I was playing with my windows registry .. and what I did is place daniweb shortcut on my start menu. Does anyone know how to do it ??

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MAybe you could drag and drop it into the start menu?

I guess u r right.

Wait how did you get that there. I have a dell support icon thre and i want it gone. Where in the registry did you go. It cant be deleted by normal means.

Try going to

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\Current Versions\Menu Order\

Then Start Menu, or Start Menu 2, see what entries you guys have. I tried to copy some binary keys, but couldn't recreate the same thing :(

Wow, nanosani, you must really love DaniWeb! :)

I've gotten very close to producing the desired effect. I have added the following keys:

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

"InfoTip"="<DANIWEB> IT Discussion Community"










This produces the icon on the right-side of the start menu, but it does not function correctly. When I click the link, I get a dialog that states that a shortcut cannot be created there and gives me the option of creating a shortcut on the desktop. I'll keep chewing on it.

Ok i used this

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00











Now i am not sure if you need all that. I just had a dell support right there so i searched for it in the registry and found it. Then i modified it. You will need an icon in you C drive. called DWeb. Note be careful this could potentially go wrong!


I have also attached it. remember be careful.

Here is a screenie.


EDIT: not sure why its in hex. on my screen is human readable. But thats how it expotrd i guess.

EDIT2: Just figured out how to change the run icon. the searchicon. Any pretty much any icon.

Ok, so now i figured out how to change all that i decided id share a small utility that i wrote a whil ago in C#.

Its called


what it does is help you rename various system icons like the recycle bin,my docs, my computer,network places, ect. You can also change the title of IE. I jsut added in the option to change the start menu icons.

These include

Help and Support

Please Note this does make changes in you registry. Please usea it your own risk. This has been tested. But there is no warranty of ANY kind. i say again use at your own risk.

an old version is here along with the source. If you want feel free to expand it. It could become a full tweakk utility.

Well its in the attachment.

-Taylor aka Tayspen

Now all we need to do is change this from an icon and text, to the DaniweB logo, and .....

Nice work guys, think I'll just stick with a good ol' bookmark :)

WOW !! who dig the thread from the old daniweb cupboard ?? the thread is already a year old :D.

WOW !! who dig the thread from the old daniweb cupboard ?? the thread is already a year old :D.

Wow, lol your right. I didnt even notice.



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