i have a 1 ghz AMD duron computer with win xp and i´m trying to run this program named FLUSH that was developed in fortran 77 language, i execute the program in the DOS prompt of xp and it gives me the following error:
Abnormal program termination:stack fault

i don´t have a clue of what this means

the program runs well in win 3.x and win 95 but i need it to run in xp
maybe the problem is because of the config.nt and autoexec.nt files but i´m not sure.

i really appreciate if someone could help me.

Rather than running it from the command prompt, you might try right clicking on the file choosing the compatability tab and running it in compatability with win 95. Then just double click the file to run it.

It's worth a shot anyway, eh?

You may not be able to run that particular program under XP without recompiling with a newer FORTRAN compiler; "DOS" under XP is not the same as DOS in win 3.x/9.x, and this can break programs compiled with the FORTRAN 77 compiler.

i already tried to compile the program with different compilers. The lahey/fujitsu 90-95, the compaq visual fortran and even the g77 fortran compiler from linux and the ones that compile it throw lots of errors and i´m not familiar at all with the fortran language i gess i`ll have to run the program under win 95

thanks anyway

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