Whilst flicking through someones profile, i noticed something odd.
They have a reputation of 11, 213 posts, 64% quality, 6 solved threads...and they can give +3 to someones rep.
I understand that the rep power is calculated on a number of things, but i have 609 posts, 92% quality, 126 solved threads and a rep of 277...but my power to affect someones reputation is +1.

Am i missing something there? How come my opinion doesnt count :p

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I think that the way Dani has chosen to do the rep system is good. The fact that some members seem to have gotten the short end of the stick isn't the whole story: if Dani changes the rep system in certain ways, then the only thing that will change is that different members will see it as unfair. For example, if Dani changes the formula so that Ryshad's rep power becomes closer to the other member with 11K posts, the member with 11K posts might see this as unfair (i.e. their posts are no longer worth as much). Similarly, if she changes (for example) the system so that you gain another rep point every six months, then certain members will have enormous rep. Therein lies the problem. What Dani came up with might not be the only good solution, or even the best solution, but it is reasonable.


My only suggestion is that perhaps sponsorship should give someone added rep power points, as should being chosen as member of the month (btw, how do we view a list of past 'members of the month'?). Being a sponsor is, in my opinion, a kind thing to do and shows appreciation for the site, so it couldn't hurt to give those people an added rep point for it (and I don't think it'd hurt from a business standpoint either). And being chosen for member of the month means you've done something right.

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> btw, how do we view a list of past 'members of the month

You can view the newsletter archive here which also has the member of the month interviews.


Aaah, i had a flick through that other post. I read it at the time but i forgot about the time as a member factor. The user i was looking at has more time as a member :p My bad

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