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may i please ask for help ...

when i start computer, it begins to start for few seconds then my screen switches
to a black screen - with a white box in the center saying

Power-on Password
almost like skelton key under it
and date on bottom of the screen ...

i tried to redo the computer only it is not recognizing disk in the drive
this does not sound good ... any help please and thank you... : ((

ohh, i am sorry it is a compaq presario running windows xp..

the computer was working fine but i was trying to dig some old pieces
of norton out as it was not uninstalling and stopping me from using another'
antivirus program... so i ran disk check after to scan and repair any bad
sectors.. when windows opened - it wanted a password for windows which i did
not remember so i shut it down to look for a program to recover passwords
but when i turned it back on is when this happened ...

it tries to start then switches over .... : ((

thank you for replying to me ..

you can try to enter into CMOS setup by rebooting the computer and pressing F2, if F2 doesn't work try F1 or Delete. once into CMOS setup you can clear any power on passwords, if that does not work tell me exactly what kind of presario it is and I'll look to see what else you might be able to do.

thank you very much , but unfortunately it is not working,
when pressing F2 - i am geting the blinking line in the top left corner and on the
bottom of the screen left side is - v01.03
right side is -Compaq
then it proceeds to go to the box with power on password, black screen

F1 is doing nothing except going to poweron password, black screen
F10 also goes to power on password , black screen
F8 also goes to poweron password , black screen

i have also tried entering 3 passwords as i read somewhere it may release it but it did not
i also tried entering Compaq three times again it did not work

this is a Compaq Presario FS740 - i purchased it approx 5 years ago
and have never had to redo it , was always able to fix it , is why i did not remember my
windows password .. :(( i use this one for going online and keep the others for doing
any work .

thank you for replying to me and for your help ...

there is still something else you can try, if you feel comfortable opening the computer, turn the power off unplug it and open it, look for a coin shaped battery and remove it, leave it out for a few minutes and then replace it, remember to put it back the way it was.

now turn the computer back on and see if that helped.

look on the bpottom left or top right when the bios screen comes on and it will tell you what key to press to enter setup. when in the bios go to the security page/tad and remove the power on password option.


OOhh something is working somewhere ... : ) )
i removed the battery and let sit for 20 mins , cleaned iniside , and replaced the
battery .. when i restarted the computer it is nolonger showing the screen
power on password .. but i am now at the screen where it is asking for my windows
password which i do not remember .. is there a way to get past this ?

i thank you so very much for helping me get this far ...


thank you very much for answering my asking for help ..
i did try pressing the F10 key but nothing was happening it was not accepting anything..
then it would go immediately to the power on password screen ...

after removing my battery the power on password screen is no longer there
but i am not stuck at the windows password screen in which i do not remember
as i put that in years ago and have never used it , so i did forget it ..
i know i should of written it down ...

i now need to get passed this ..sigh

thank you for answering me ....

reboot and press F8 as soon as the bios screen is off the screen. then boot windows into safe mode. if you get a administrator account leave the password blank then go into control panel and reset the password for you account.

thank you , but will it not ask for my old password to change it to a
new password ? as i do not remember the old password ..

just checking before i touch anything ...


should i have maked that as solved after your name and reopened another question
as to blackscreen windows password ?

because what u said to do did work and i no longer have power on password

sorry i am new to posting on here ...

if you want after you post i can mark solved and ask for the windows password
separately ?

here is how to fix the windows password

tap f8 repeatedly while the computer is booting until you get to a menu. Choose "safe mode"

windows will look ugly, and lots of messages will flow fast down the screen. Ignore it, it is OK.

Evenetually you will get to a wierd-looking welcome sceen. There will be an account there which is not usually visible. Its called "administrator".It should have no passoword. Login as administrator and remove your suers password through control panel.

Reboot (this time, dont hit f8, so it goes back into normal mode)

thank you for trying to help me ..
this is what happened .. when computer boots up i press F8 , then alot of writing which looks like windows system files (disk partitioned) .. then it goes to a black screen with a small windows sign on box , which has my name in it asking for password .. there is no way to get passed this to access anything... when i purchased this computer i had the tech in the store load it for me as he partitioned my drives so windows was separate .. maybe he placed a password in there .. so i tried clicking ok on the bottom leaving the password area blank and it starting loading my windows .. but when it opens what i have now is my
desktop icons with the names under highlighted in blue for some reason and my task bar at
the bottom is 2/3 's white , starting from the left side , thus not allowing me to access the
start buttom ... it goes across the bottom then near the clock it returns back to blue showing my clock ...
i also ran out to the source store and replaced my battery just now as it did say battery low
when it did start up .
the same thing is happening whether i try to boot in normal or safe mode ..
2/3'rds of the task bar has what it looks like is another white bar over top, i can see the
task bar under it but now i cannot get to it .. i can only access the clock
i hope you are able to understand what i am trying to say , and i thank you soo much
for trying to help me

try what bobbyraw said that should work, but if it doesn't there are some tools out there that will help you reset the password so you can login, you would need to burn it to a cd or if you have a floppy drive you might be able to copy it to a floppy disk.


should i have maked that as solved after your name and reopened another question
as to blackscreen windows password ?

because what u said to do did work and i no longer have power on password

sorry i am new to posting on here ...

if you want after you post i can mark solved and ask for the windows password
separately ?

yeah probably I dont know, that doesnt matter(to me anyway)

when you boot normaly do you get a login box or do you get the welcome screen

if you get the login box type Administrator in the user field and leave the password field blank , if it lets you log on, then, if I am thinking correctly, you can change the password to your other account through the control panel without having to know the old password


i did try to do what Bobbyraw was saying , as i booted into safe mode
it opens to a black screen with a little windows sign on box, there is nothing showing behind' the box it is all black , i am not able to access the control panel..
there is nothing there to access ...
so i tried just clicking to sign on leaving the password empty and it went into windows , showing my desk top icons , but there is a white bar partially covering
my task bar only allowing my clock to show .. i am not able to access the start
to navigate to my control panel ... i did try clicking my document folder on the desk top and am able to access inside, was able to remove a few folders which i am using for a class i am taking in animation but this is the only thing i can access
inside. is it possible i have corrupted something in my windows to make that
white bar over my task bar?
i am able to burn to a disk with my other computer (MacPro) which i run parallels
on being a dual operating system. i am also familiar with torrents , is there a program that could possibly repair if this if damaged? i also have a usb key of
1 gig for transferring files , maybe i could run a program thru or find it as a stand alone program , if i am not able to fix my task bar ..
putting a disk in my cd drive , it is opening to a box with just letters asking if it would like me to do each time , but i do not know what these letters are , and it will not allow the cd to open or run.
i have a few programs on my desktop - professional, registry fix, but
when i click them it says program configuration is not correct, and is not allowing
me to open them -
the desk top is all i have access to , i cannot get to control panel or anything

thank you so much for your help

ok lets just take it one step at a time, I dont think windows is corrupt

first answer this.

when you boot up normally do you get a welcome screen or a login box where you can type the user name and password

Doc Comp

when i first start my computer , it goes to the screen with windows loading ,
the little bar scrolling under, then it goes to a small Log on Windows screen,
with User Name (which has my name) and a Password box under it ...

the screen behind the little box is totally black ...

thank you so much for your help ..

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