Hi here i have posted something about Google Instant which will affect SEO or Not?

Google Instant is new technique that show your result instantly as per character by character. In Ordinary google search engine we have to press enter button. But in this google instant while we typing the result will get simultaneously without moving to next page. In Online Marketing this google instant that until someone has completed their typing. Unless they move off the drop down box and click your ad it wont be counted as impression. If we get less impression means then we wont get high CTR(Click Through Rate) then it wont be helpful for PPC(Pay Per Click). And also Google instant suggests only five search keywords or queries. And also use of long tail keywords will affect adwords. If person searching for particular result, in the organic results will be coming multiple related results with generic keywords in google traditional search. But in google instant only top five results will be displays and also it wont show what the user predict for. because the result showing by letter by letter. google algortihms may search that the user is searching for different one. For example if user searching for "employement Result" if he enter "employement res" then "employement resu" then it will match and show the employement result keyword. It will be easily get by google instant.

post some comments for this

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Google Instant means no one will see the same web anymore, making optimizing it virtually impossible. Real-time feedback will change and personalize people's search behaviors.

google instant is going to affect badly to SEO...

Two things will happen. Firstly, long tail search terms will be reduced significantly as users become used to the auto-suggestion and get lazy.
Secondly, some people will get so annoyed with Google telling them what they should search for, that they will abandon it, and switch to Bing or something else.

I don't think it will do much to SEO...no worries, SEO will be around and needed for many years to come.

Its SEO effect will be minimal. Use Google Instant to your advantage.. since you have the Google Instant suggestions then you know what priority keywords to optimize for...

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