I've noticed the Web development > web design

is no longer subdivided into three separate sections. I find this annoying as before I could easily pick up stuff to do with flash/design.

Now all the html and css stuff is lumbered together.

I'm sure regular members such as raj and jasonHippy, will agree.

The same goes with the database section. It was convenient to have them separated from mySql and SQL etc.

What is your reasons for this??


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Clicking this:

will result in this:

But it tookme about 5 minutes to figure out how that worked, so I don't think new members will go through all that trouble..

But it took me about 5 minutes to figure out how that worked

Only 5!! Took me a lot longer.
It seems that things that are not important are in font size enormous and for what does matter you need a microscope to be able to read it.

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OK well that solves it, so I'm happy, but I don't necessarily think it is as intuitive as it was. . . And I probably would have never noticed this if you hadn't brought it up Nick. I certainly think new members, would NOT notice this.

In my opinion, it is all about making the site as intuitive as possible.

"5 minutes or more to figure it out = not intuitive."

I agree. This is one of the first things that really need fixing or bye bye new posts in webdesign and hardware.

Don't worry. Already had a chat with the designer about this one early this morning. Working on a solution.

Thumbs up from me (it makes sense though)

My last visit is I really noticed this kind of problem, it made my search as a general, I usually want to be specific because I want to know and share in this community, I must say that I really learned a lot from the posts

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>> Huh??

It's called a signaturespammer. You know; we had a discussion about this not to long ago... Something with changing the rules, remember? (hint hint hint) :)