A big thanks to everyone who braved the torrential rain to make it to the Dinner with Dani event in New York on Wednesday. It was really great seeing everyone there, and the technical discussions at the various tables seemed to go well.

I couldn't make it to the end of the after party myself, jet lag beat me into submission, but congrats to whoever won the free raffle for the iPad! I'm not jealous at all, oh no...

What no pics?

Shame about the rain, but hey it's New York. Must have been amazing! So jealous, I love that place.

Photos are up on the DaniWeb fans page on Facebook here. I'm the big bald one with the tattoos in the photos...

The event itself was very cool, from the Dinner with Dani part through to the after party.

Ok. So I recognize
- Davey
- Dani
- WASDted
- Tekmaven

Anymore co-mods/regulars that were there?

Here's a link to the topic in the geek's lounge btw

It seemed like a fun event though it was unfortunate that not many could show up due to personal/geographical reasons. BTW, Dani, you sure have changed a lot. :-)

Ok. So I recognize
- Davey
- Dani
- WASDted
- Tekmaven

Ditto here. After trying to read the name tags attached, I thought I saw Toba/Blud/Aia in the crowd, though I could be mistaken. ;-)

David Doria was there, as was one of our former news story staff writers Eddie Correia. My friend Dan (incissor / samaru) was also there, DaniWeb's very first member (http://www.daniweb.com/forums/member12.html).

How have I changed, hehe? :)

And on the moderator front jay11 was there, oh and InsightsDigital who is active in the Internet Marketing forums was there.

Yup yup :)

I would have loved to be there, unfortunately schedules didn't allow it to happen.

>>How have I changed, hehe

You look slimmer. You´re also a lot smaller then I expected, this is very clear on the pic with you and Davey. There´s more then a feet difference between the two of you :D

>>I would have loved to be there
Same here. Next time: organize it in Europe.

You´re also a lot smaller then I expected, this is very clear on the pic with you and Davey. There´s more then a feet difference between the two of you :D

And I'm only 5'6" tall myself...

The dinner was great! It's always interesting to have conversations with people from such varying backgrounds. The pictures look great, too! What was the deal with the glasses with no lenses? I saw Dani had them on for a while, then they disappeared.

Unfortunately I couldn't stick around for much of the after party, but it was certainly rockin'!

Are there any more Daniweb events in the foreseeable future?


The glasses were 'nerd glasses' and people were being photographed on the red carpet with them for a bit of fun. I have no sense of humour so declined :)

Further DaniWeb events down the road are certainly something everyone involved would like to see happen, so watch this space...

> How have I changed, hehe? :)

You look more...mature? ;-)

Joking aside, your photos at the event are certainly different from the ones in your avatar and profile.

Speaking of which, where did our profile-pic go? I can still upload one, but can't seem to find it on my profile-page?

Now that's bizarre! Mine seems to still be there but everyone else's profile I've looked at so far is sans pic.

I think Dani is off to a conference in California this week, leaving today, so this might take a tad longer to fix than normal but I'll flag it up with her now.


After the full week in the city for Internet Week, I'm just SOOOO far behind in work, I unfortunately cancelled my Cali trip at the last moment.

You can see profile pics by clicking on avatars.

Unfortunately, everyone's avatar seems to have vanished from their profile pages. I'm guessing mine is actually in my browser cache which is why I can see that one.

>>You can see profile pics by clicking on avatars

I can see a profile when I click an avatat, but no profile-pics?

Sorry for the confusion. You can see a profile pic when you click an avatar from a profile a page.

I think what people are getting at here is that when you go to a member profile page the avatar pic used to show up next to the username, but it has now vanished completely.

>>You can see a profile pic when you click an avatar from a profile a page.

AAaah! There it is. Davey's profile doesn't have his avatar on his profilepage, so I can't click it to see his profile-pic however :S

Yeah, that is a bug. Everyone should have an avatar. I need to fix that.

Incidentally, does the avatar show up when you refresh the page?

Nope, refresh makes no difference as far as I can see.

your now shows an avatar for me. When I click it, I see a mean looking bold guy, so I guess the bug is squashed :)

Yep, seems to be working for everyone now.

Had a look at the photos. Fab. event. Congrats to Dani and the party organizing team.
I'll try to come next time. Didn't recognize anybody except Her Majesty in the photos though.

Hey Wolfy, how the heck are you? I was the bald one with all the tattoos, by the way :)

Doing fine. Thanks. Trying to get back to my regular posting habits. :D
Ah yeah. Recognized you. Lost you the first time while scanning for good looking chicks who are into programming. ;)

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