Smiley's not being selectable ... there was already a post about this somewhere else. I went and did a search for it and copied/pasted my reply:

Well, I was playing around with it a bit, and I noticed that if you use it in combination with BBCode such as quote, code, list, etc, inserting a smilie will sometimes somehow erase everything in the textbox! (With no way to recover what you had just wrote). I thought it was related to my style (as I created this one from scratch). But to my dismay I went to phpBB and was able to get the same thing to happen on their forums!

So I figured it would be better if I just got rid of it.

Well ... it's a quarter to 8am and I still haven't slept yet tonite! (My days and nights are completely screwed up, I didn't wake up until 3pm today).

In any case, I just spent the last while basically dividing up TechTalk into multiple sub-sites. The biggest difference you may notice is the heading that normally says It now reflects the individual section you're in. In addition to this, however, I customized the meta tags for each section. (Hopefully this will help our search engine placement!)

Some changes were also made to the navigation menubar at the top of the screen. Member options such as to view the memberlist and edit your profile are icons displayed in the upper right. The main forum categories are listed along the navbar.

Were these ideas good or bad? Poorly implemented? Let me know if you like them or just find them entirely annoying and obnoxious ;)

think it's pretty nice - might put a more obvious Homepage link somewhere other than only at the very bottom of the page. also, i notice that there's plenty of space to the left of the "Advanced Search" link to place a "Register"/"New Member?"/"New Member Registration" etc. link on the banner...jfft

might put a more obvious Homepage link somewhere other than only at the very bottom of the page.

the bottom of the page? the logo in the blue heading links back to the homepage.

I think it was a good idea. It gives the user additional ways to access and maneuver across the site. Good job.

whoops!!!! i ASSuMEd that since the logo was prefixed with a forum name that i'd go to the homepage of that forum rather than the site's homepage - sorry!

on another note any reason way smileys arent selectable anymore (& have to be hand "coded")? :(

Maybe you can make the word "Smilies" in the posting option "Disable Smilies in this post" a hyper link to list of smiley faces recognized by ur bbcode?

You mean just so that you can see what ASCII art brings about what emoticon?

I really should post something on the phpBB support boards about this, but I haven't had time as I've been awfully busy lately.

It seems that it's a bug in the JavaScript used to insert icons into the textbox. Somehow, about a third of the time, instead of adding the smiley to the textbox, it overwrites what's already in the textbox with only the smiley.

Or you could make a note that ASCII icons will be converted to graphical.

Just stinks when the user puts something like =) instead of :)

Yea, I'll set that up sometime in the near future. Just let me get some of my chem studying done first ;)

Yuck... chemistry. Can't wait for this semester to be over.

Hey, thanks. Yeah, it's actually 4am and guess what I'm doing? Studying chemistry! *argh*

I wish I could say "I can't wait for the weekend" but it's a Saturday nite and I'm more stressed out than ever so I can't exactly say that!

stress is good - builds character! ;)

stress is good - builds character! ;)

At the expense of a heart attack!

LOL! True, but in a college age pup I would think not! :D