hello, my 1st post....
i want to have a blinking cursor at the end of a sentence on my site. just like the blinking cursor on this page. does anyone know how to do this?
i cant figure it out. im a rookie at website design so please dont get too technical. any help would be greatly appreciated.

thanks. i took a look around on the site you suggested. they have some cool stuff. but i guess im just looking for the HTML code that will enable a blinking cursor at the end of the paragraph that basically does nothing. it is just to give the effect that someone was just typing text. kind of like the movie 2010 if you know what i mean.
heres a link to my site that might give a better idea of where im coming from. its supposed to be kind of outer-spacey feel to it.
any other suggestions anyone?

I understand what you mean. It's just that what you're asking for cannot be done with standard HTML. You need a scripting language such as DHTML to accomplish special effects on web pages. A blinking cursor is, indeed, a special effect ;)

hmmm, ok. i think i understand now. but after looking at that site, im still just a s puzzled.. LOL. i did a search for "blinking cursor" and didnt find what i was looking for. i found code for creating a custom cursor and i barely understand that...
can ya help a bit further?

Sure. Most web pages use HTML, hypertext markup language, to add formatting to standard text. For example, you can use tables, colors, bold/italic fonts, etc.

If you want to do anything beyond the scope of that, you need a scripting language such as DHTML or JavaScript, for example.

Dynamic Drive is the only site I know of that suppliies free DHTML code snippets. Unfortunately, I don't know the language myself.

If you could provide us with an example of where you've seen what you're asking for, I could help further. You mentioned you saw it here, at TechTalkForums? Perhaps you're referring to a blinking cursor inside a textbox where you type? (A blinking text I-beam inside a textbox is a standard Windows feature).

This would probably take alot of complex coding; it is easier done in flash, you can Google for Swish and mess around with the typewriter effect on there.

thanks for the responses.
i didnt see it here. i think i just thought it would be a good idea.
basically, the idea is to have a non-functional cursor blinking at the end of a paragraph. just something that is blinking as if the writer has momentarily stopped typing in his word document. the mouse cursor would still be functioning seperately from this cursor because it is simply just something blinking on the page.
i just dont know how to make a cursor blinking on the webpage.
it would be an animated gif file that i would insert onto the page and place it wherever.
i hope i explained it better. because even im confused now. my ideas are always a problem.....

make an animated GIF and put it at end of each paragraph :)

great idea, but i wouldnt even know where to begin in making a gif...

use any good Image Editor program.
GIF Animator, PhotoShop (ImageReady) being the biggie/costly options but you can search for free ones also. They exist.

The best way is to do it with a GIF editor. You would need two frames. One with a "|" graphic and one without one. If you don't want a graphic, you could try something like this, but the only flaw is when the user clicks somewhere else, they would need to click back on this "invisible input box" to see the blinking cursor. This is the simplest way to do it. It's better to go with an animated GIF.

<script language="JavaScript">
 function setFocus() {
 input.cursor { 
  /* makes the inputbox borders disappear */
<body onLoad="setFocus()">
<form name="someform">
 The following is a blinking cursor <input type="text" class="cursor" size="1" maxlength="0" name="blinkcursor">

use this html code

use this html code

Does not work in Internet Explorer and AOL Browsers. I'm pretty sure its Netscape proprietary and I think it's deprecated as it is.