Hi everyone!

Does anyone know of any good freeware programs (which you have used yourself, preferrably) that would fit in my site at www.appsoftheweb.com?


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If you want to get into ftp, SmartFTP is my ftp client of choice (www.smartftp.com) though I know many others prefer Flash FXP and the like. For ftp servers, I like GuildFTPd (www.guildftpd.com).

Other useful free stuff I use ... well, there's TweakUI and other powertools for Windows XP from the microsoft website

As far as unzipping goes, I'm not a winzip fan, but rather like Stuff-It (www.aladdinsys.com).

Also, you gotta be in contact with your internet peeps ;) www.aol.com for AIM, www.yahoo.com for Yahoo! Messenger and www.icq.com for ICQ. Plus, Windows/MSN Messenger comes with Windows ;) Or, for those all-in-1ers out there, there's Trillian (http://www.ceruleanstudios.com/trillian/index.html).

Hope some of this helps ya!

I know more than one. 8) Here are some free programs I rely on a lot:

AIM + DeadAim - DeadAim is an addon to AIM. Has logger, cloning(running more than one AIM process at a time, and more)

Winamp, Sonique - MP3 Players
http://www.winamp.com/, http://sonique.lycos.com/

Weatherbug - Shows the weather. Displays the current temperature in your area on the System tray.

Winace - Used for compression/decompression

Web Matrix - ASP.NET development

Maguma Studio - Awesome PHP Editor

SQLYog - MySQL Manager

OptiPerl - The Best Perl Editor for Windows (I love this thing). The free version lasts forever, it just runs like a 3 second message when you run it then doesn't nag you again.)

Dev-C++ - Awesome C/C++ IDE

Oh, but of course you didn't post those in the freeware/shareware software category of the Links section ... You do know that now I'm going to have to add them for ya ;)

Yeah. Hey, you can't blame the guy for trying to make a living. 8)

Well that's really phooey.

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How is Dead AIM free if they are asking $4.99 to DL it?

To the best of my knowledge it used to always be free? I never used it myself, though. Version 4 of DeadAIM was recently released, maybe they changed their policy with this new version?

Yeah, it used to be free. He recently updated his page, and I do mean just recently.

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