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Hi im a newbie here!I wish to build a music website based around emec'in (MC'in)!The game would b built in2 the site!

There r 3 wayz MCz can battle online:

1)Vocally!(MCs rap to the music over a mic)(I dont plan on doin thiz 4 my site yet)

2)Forum(MCz post thier lyricz in a forum.Thiz iz the main way but there iz no time constrate so it givez the MC all the time in the world to write hiz lyric instead of off the top of hiz head)!

3)My way!I want a program where 2 peepz enter the room(spectators alloud 4 judgin who won)there would b a text box 2 input lyricz in(no copy,cut or paste function alloud in the box(2 stop peepz writin while the other iz rappin)there would also b a timer.The program would randomly determan who goez 1st then that person haz say 3minz 2 type and post their lyric(after the time period their text box becumz locked til thier turn again.

There iz no time constraint & the site iz stil in itz plannin stage.

I would b gr8ful 2 any 1 who could help me out wiv thiz az i cant program all that wel!Any sugestionz would b gr8 2!