Hi everyone, this is a kind of poll.
Daniweb is one of the best and leading forums for problem solving of all kinds. Its one forum i know that you can have a friends list and add people to them, also you can send and receive private messages. Sometimes, we see ourselves online and try to make a private discussion maybe on a particular problem posted on the forum and the Private message may be a little stressful.

Whats your opinion about having an Instant Messaging(IM) system and your reason.

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From the point of view of the technical forums involving posters needing help, everything should be public. I'm done with helping people via PM. I was pretty slow to this. Others were much faster and more steadfast with the "No help via PM" rule and they were right. Regarding projects that people might get involved on, PM's are good for that. I've done that and exchanged e-mail addresses and set up Yahoo chats through PM'ing on Daniweb. Regarding conversations in the Geek's Lounge and stuff like that, perhaps someone wants to "go private" with someone else. It's completely up to those two individuals whether they want to do that. Just don't expect to go private and send a nasty message and get mad when the other person posts it for all to see.

Personally I don't see any reason for a Daniweb IM system. Seems like unnecessary overhead when all you need to do is exchange a PM and set up a chat on Google or Yahoo or whatever. You can always set up a Daniweb-specific Yahoo account for that exact purpose.


VernonDozier, i get your point. Well, we all can go ahead and use other IM's but i feel having ours would keep members in the forum. Come to think of it, when you have someone who becomes apparently a private distant instructor that can give you all solutions on yahoo or others, why come back to a public forum to throw a question and relax for responses? I just believe the IM would keep members in here.

Like i initially stated, its a poll to me and i want to know what others feel


This should be more of a 'community feedback' type question.

But yeah, forums are great because everybody's eyes are on it. So if you have a bug someone else should be able to point it out. It is something you don't get with a PM or instant messaging.


iamthwee, that's very true. But when you need quick answers you always want to get in touch with someone who is online.


> But when you need quick answers you always want to get in touch with someone who is online.

This more or less amounts to " paid consulting" (if you want to get things done your way) and there are quite a few sites which engage in this sort of activity. This is one of the reasons why beginners get flamed on well known technical IRC channels. They join the channel expecting "quick help" but are disappointed when they are told off by the regulars there.

Of course, not saying that such places absolutely don't exist, it's just that if you need quick online help, folks would expect you to shell some money.


okay, so far so good i think we've got good answer and am happy they're from active members.
Thanks everyone

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