In the present time, social marketing has become the most important tool to promote your website and bring instant traffic on it. However, there are a lot of websites online, which claims to increase your website traffic. But only few of them actually bring effective traffic on your website. The following is the list of 8 awesome websites, which are very effective in promoting your website by bringing genuine traffic on it:

1. Twitter: Twitter is the best social marketing tool online as it is easy to use and has tremendous popularity. Although, you need to have followers on you account to promote your website, which you can easily get through

2. Facebook: Facebook has come a long way, from being a social networking website to social marketing wizard. And with more than 700 million users, you would be a fool to ignore this tool to promote your website.

3. Traffup is considered as the number one tool to bring "free" and "effective" traffic on your website. Not only you get free traffic, you also get genuine and relevant visitors on your website, through traffup. Now with the launch of traffup's "Retweets" section, you can also spread your promotional message among millions of twitter users free of cost.

4. Squidoo: Squidoo combines the advantage of "article submission", "social bookmarking" and "RSS feed bookmarking" to bring free traffic on your website, and helps to promote it better.

5. Digg: Although, its popularity is decreasing constantly, digg is still one of the best social bookmarking tool to promote your website by submitting your website's URL on it.

6. Reddit: Reddit is giving Digg, run for its money by slowly and steadily moving towards becoming the number one social bookmarking website. Moreover, it is more secure and fast than Digg. Although, the number of users in digg are far more than in Reddit.

7. Hubpages: You must publish articles relating to your websites on Hubpages. Hubpages is one of the most popular article submission websites online. Although, if you have a great grammar and wonderful writing skills, then you can go for ezine article. But it is a very lengthy and difficult process to approve your articles there.

8. Myspace: Creating a myspace account of your website and regularly updating it can bring some useful traffic on your website. However, it may not be as popular as facebook and twitter, but it is still a very useful website to get your website noticed. Make sure that you regularly update the information related to your website.

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Those are really helpful in our social businesses. There are also other social sites that bring traffic to our sites such as Tumblr, LinkedIn, and StumbleUpon. Of course proper managing of accounts are essential.

Yes..tose sites helps to promoting a site to increase the number of backlinks, or inbound links.

All good for the novice SEO person. Thanks for helping the community. seems like a traffic exchange website.

While you can use search engines traffic to bring customers to your website, and it is free, you might consider that a problem because it takes time to rank highly in the search engines, especially in Google, the biggest search engine in the Internet. So, for instant results in bringing traffic to your websites, you have the power of Google Adwords.
The pay per click (PPC) advertising platform that Google Adwords is based on, can have your ads seen by thousands of prospects and not pay a cent. Only when they click on your ads, you pay, unlike the normal ways of advertising, especially offline, where you pay for people to see your ads whether or not

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