Here's a list of useful freeware applications, arranged alphabetically by category. Please post your favourite software to this thread....

Avast -
AntiVir -
Panda ActiveScan -

Audio Players:
Foobar2000 -
Sonique -
iTunes -
jetAudio -
Winamp -

Audio Utilities:
CDex -
dbPowerAMP Music Converter -

CD Recording:
ASPI Drivers -
CD/DVD Burner XP -
Burn 4 Free -

CD Utilities:
Daemon Tools -

Download Managers:
WackGet -
LeechGet -
wget for Windows -

PGP Freeware Edition -
Axcrypt -
GnuPG -

ZoneAlarm -
Sygate Personal Firewall -
Kerio Personal Firewall -
Outpost -

GUI Utilities:
Tclock -
IconPhile -
PowerMenu -
Glass2k -
D-Color XP -
CursorXP -
MobyDock -
Samurize -

Image Viewers:
IrfanView -
iBrowser -
AhaView -

Instant Messaging:
Miranda IM -
Gaim -
Trillian -
Yahoo Instant Messenger -
MSN Messenger -
AOL Instant Messenger -
Jabber -

Putty Telnet/SSH Client -
IP Tools -
Ethereal Protocol Analyzer -
HyperTerminal Private Edition -
RealVNC -
Nmap -

ActivePerl -
jEdit -
Dev-C++ -
SciTE -

Publication/Document Manipulation: -
AbiWord -

Spyware Protection:
Ad-Aware -
Spybot: Search & Destroy -
CWShredder -
Hijack This -
SpywareBlaster -

System Utilities:
BootVis -
Resource Hacker -
PC Inspector File Recovery -
Motherboard Monitor -
Sysinternals Utilities -

Video Players:
BSPlayer -
Core Media Player -
Media Player Classic -
VideoLAN -
Zoom Player -

Video Utilities:
VirtualDUB -

Web Browsers:
Mozilla FireFox -
Mozilla -
Netscape -
MyIE2 -
Avantbrowser -
SlimBrowser -

Web/FTP Servers:
SlimFTPd -
Filezilla -
Xitami -
Apache -
Savant -

i hope u all would like it

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JEdit is my all time favorite, then I would have to say AVG.

Some more

3D Graphics:
Anim8or -
Blender -
gmax -
Maya Personal Learning Ed. -
Now3D -

AntiVir -
Avast -

Anti Spyware:
Ad-aware -
CWShredder -
Diet K -
HiJackThis -
SpyBot Search & Destroy -
SpywareBlaster -
SpywareGuard -

IRC Clients:
BersIRC -
BitchX -
HydraIRC -
TinyIRC -
XChat -

Audio Players:
1by1 -
Foobar 2000 -
iTunes -
Jet Audio Basic -
Musik -
QCD Player -
Sonique -
Winamp -

Audio Tools:
Audacity -
CDex -
dBpowerAMP Music Converter -
Encounter 2003 -
GermaniXEncoder -
K-MP3 -
KraMixer -
ModPlug Tracker
MP3 Book Helper -
MP3 Tag -
mp3DirectCut -
MP3Gain -
mp3Trim -
MusicBrainz -
Rarewares -
SoundEngine Free -
TagScanner -
The GodFather -

CD/DVD Burning:
Burn4Free -
Burnatonce -
CDBurnerXP -
CDR Tools Frontend -
Deepburner -
DVD Decrypter:
Easy Burning, DropCD & Audio CD -

Compression / Decompression:
7-zip -
bzip2 -
FilZip -
IZArc -
QuickZip -
TUGZip -
UltimateZIP -
Zip&Go -
Zipgenius -

Defrag Software:
DIRMS & Buzzsaw -
OpenVMS -

Desktop Enhancements:
CursorXP -
MobyDock -
tclock2 -

Download managers:
Fresh Download -
LeechGet -
Net Transport -
Star Downloader -
wackget -
wget -

Encryption and data security:
Axcrypt -
Blowfish Advanced CS-
Eraser -
File Shredder -
GnuPG -
PGP Freeware -
WindowsCleaner -

File Managers:
2xExplorer -
A43 -
Gyula's Navigator -
JExplorer -
MeeSoft Commander -

File repair and recovery:
PC Inspector File Recovery -

Kerio (Kerio Personal Firewall is FREE for home and personal use) -
Outpost Firewall (version 1 is free) -
Sygate (FREE for personal use) -
Zonealarm Basic firewall -

FTP Clients:
Filezilla! -
SmartFTP -

FTP Servers:
FileZilla -
GuildFTPD -
Quick 'n Easy FTP Server -
SlimFTPd -

HTML Editors:
1st page 2000 -
Aracnophilia -
HTML-Kit -
Selida -
Trellian webPAGE -
TSW WebCoder -

Image viewers:
Ahaview -
Irfanview -
SlowView -
XNView -

The freeware list continues....

Instant Messenger:
Gaim -
Miranda IM -
Rhymbox -
Trillian Basic -

Internet Explorer Front-Ends:
Avantbrowser -
MyIE2 -
SlimBrowser -

Mail programs:
i.Scribe -
Mahogany Mail -
Pegasus Mail -
Thunderbird -

Anti-spam programs:
K9 -
POPFile -
SpamBayes -

Network Tools:
CMDTime NTP Utility -
Ethereal Protocol Analyzer -
NMap -
Ntop -
PingPlotter -
RAS Graph & Stats -
RealVNC -
TightVNC -
UltraVNC -
WinSCP -

Office Suite:
602PC Suite free edition -
AbiWord -
Open Office -

Partition Managers:
Partition Resizer -
Ranish Partition Manager -
TestDisk -

PDF Utilities:
Free PDF -
Ghostscript/GSView -
PDF 995 -
PDFCreator -

Photo manipulation and image design:
ColorPic -
Pixia -
Sodiodi -
The Gimp -
Tuxpaint -

ActivePerl -
Dev C++ -
Dev Pascal -
Eclipse -
Freepascal -
jEdit -
PHP Hypertext Parser -
Python -
Ruby -
SharpDevelop -

Pop-up Blockers:
Google Toolbar -
NoAds -
PopUp Stopper -
Privoxy -
Proxomitron -

System Information and monitoring:
AIDA32 -
Gkrellm -
Motherboard monitor -

Video codes :
DivX Codec -
Kazaa Lite Codec Pack -
Nimo Codec Pack -
Quicktime Alternative -
Real Player Alternative -

Video players :
BsPlayer -
Cygwin MPlayer -
MaximusDVD -
Media Player Classic -
VideoLan -

Video tools:
DVD Shrink -
DScaler -
GSpot -
VirtualDub -
VirtualDubMod -
xviD -
Zwei-Stein Video Editor -

Web browsers:
Firefox -
Internet Explorer -
K-Meleon -
Mozilla -
Netscape -

Web servers:
Abyss -
Aprelium Abyss -
Apache -
CIS WebServer -
Sambar -
Savant -
TinyWeb -

Webcam Software:
booruWebCam -
Pryme -

Checksum Utilities:
fsum -
hksfv -
md5sum -
md5summer -

General Utilities And Other Applications:
AnalogX -
AppRocket -
Celestia -
Cygwin -
Dirkey -
EditPad Lite -
Inno Setup -
Memtest-86 -
MWSnap -
NetTime -
Nullsoft Installer -
Peerguardian -
QuickSFV -
png2ico -
Stickies -
Sysinternals -
TClockEx -
Vim -

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Ditto - way to go Cancer10. Can I have all the setups on CD please!

Beware that more than a few "free" programs install spyware on your machine as a way of getting income from you anyway.
Not sure which of the above do so, but beware and always very carefully monitor the license and other documentation for such software (and be prepared for a hard time removing them if you get tricked anyway).

Especially download managers and mediaplayers are often inflicted with this, though no category is completely safe.

Definitely before installing any freeware program google 'programname spyware'

A bit of a read through the search results should soon tell you if that program is known to carry intruders with it.

REGSEEKER -- The BEST registry cleaner out there (First time i used it,it removed about 800 keys)

DISK CLEANER -- Simply the BEST app to remove temp files,etc........Quick,easy,etc............

RESTORATION -- Restore deleted files,clear deleted sectors totally (Simply the best) (

Hey, is there a freeware junkmail defender that you can set up onto any e-mail accy, then to mass spam the sender (of the spam/junk)'s e-mail box with some swearing, over and over again?

That would rock ass.

This program performs computer configuration analysis and diagnostics. It gives detailed information about your computer properties and settings, detailed specs for:

- Software (Operating System, Installed Programs and Hotfixes, Processes, Services, Product Keys, Serial Numbers, Users, Open Files, System Uptime, Passwords hidden behind asterisks, Installed Codecs),

- Hardware (Motherboard, BIOS, CPU, chipset, PCI/AGP, USB and ISA/PnP Devices, Memory, Video Card, Monitor, Disk Drives, CD/DVD Devices, SCSI Devices, S.M.A.R.T., Ports, Printers),

- Network (Network Cards, Network Shares, currently active Network Connections), as well as real-time monitors for CPU, Memory, Page File usage and Network Traffic.

SIW can create a report file (CSV, HTML, TXT or XML), and is able to run in batch mode.

SIW is a standalone tool that does not require installation - one less installed program on your PC you may also run the program directly from a USB flash drive (Portable Freeware).

Just downloaded a few of the freebies thanxs for taking the time to post them cancer10, much appreciated.

if you have a pocketpc see myt essential ppc freewares thread (stickied)

If you want to find out what that Unkown Device is in device manager and what driver its needs,This program helps :)

Clean program...Nothing installs,nothing in the reg,use and delete w/o worry of cleanup...

If you're looking for a standalone AIM Client,TerraIM is a fabulous client. It fits on a floppy disk (Around 700 kb) and it's a single .exe that runs (no install required). It works really well and has a nice set of features.

Kinda like a PORTABLE APP......

I would add Safari to the web browsers thing if I could get the damn thing to install on Windows Vista. On my Macbook I love it, however.

It remembers what you copied to the clipboard even after new data is copied and allows you to retrieve the old data.

While there are many programs that do the same,none are quite so convenient,simple to use,or efficient as Clipomatic.

Great to fill in frequently used snippets (name,email,address etc) into web forms or insert signatures into your emails.

ppl i got nuthing to do but say .................tune up utitlities the best program i ever met in my life in optimizing and stuff

ppl i got nuthing to do but say .................tune up utitlities the best program i ever met in my life in optimizing and stuff

It would help to get a link to this amazing program you speak of. Without it we are lost in the dark. I may find something with a google search but wouldn't it make sense for us to avoid that step and provide us with the URL? Just my thoughts...

REGSEEKER -- The BEST registry cleaner out there (First time i used it,it removed about 800 keys)

Have you had more experienc with REGSEEKER since you posted in June. I'm looking for a registry cleaner, and all the comercial ones I've seen so far are terribly expensive. I have 3 computers.

Have you had more experienc with REGSEEKER since you posted in June. I'm looking for a registry cleaner, and all the comercial ones I've seen so far are terribly expensive. I have 3 computers.

Have you ever tried this one download the Ccleaner its realy sharp on registry..and its free.