I just had to get this one out there. I love daniweb, and I'm sure the VAST majority of the users here do as well. And, unlike many other websites this one's community is made up of some of the greatest IT and Development minds around "as well as noobs trying to learn how to climb the ladder such as myself". In my humble opinion I believe it would be possible, maybe even a good idea to outsource some IT or Development related tasks to volunteering community members to reduce some costs "and likely make both a tighter community and an even higher grade site.

I know if I were skilled enough to actually help out I'd love to. Thoughts, comments, ideas, rebuttals?

jingda commented: Nice thought +0


First of all, thank you soooo much for your support. However, I'm not so sure we have any tasks that can be outsourced. Our big ticket monthly expenses are our office rent, web hosting and marketing expenses, as opposed to employee salaries. I do all of the development work myself, so we don't have any programming expenses or the like.

However, if you can, please please donate for just a few dollars a month. It gives you an advertising-free DaniWeb (among other benefits), which incredibly speeds up the site. Plus, it's much more robust than hacky ad blockers.

Well in that case I'll just have to donate as soon as I can. Thanks for all your hard work Dani!

^^That sounds sarcastic, but it's not^^

Well in that case, thank you very much :) The price of the donation goes directly into making the site ad-free.