Contrary to my whole forum condensing thing, for awhile now I've been wanting to separate the C and C++ forums. However, I am waiting to first upgrade to vBulleitn 3.5 because the new version has some features that would make it easier to search out c++ threads from the current forum and separate them.

I don't agree with seperating C and C++, but since I'm not very active in the forum my opinion doesn't deserve any merit. I believe you'll get a lot of posts in the c forum that's c++ and vice versa. I think it's less likely to happen for the vs vb classic.

You could always ask people to specify the language in their thread title:

C++ -- Please give virus code
C -- please give virus code

Of course you'll have law breakers, but it would work for the majority.... I've seen it done in other forums and it's a really nice way of doing things.

I think that's a fairly good idea. I'll pass it by Narue and Dave and the others who frequent that forum. Perhaps a sticky thread asking people to use [C] or [C++] in their thread titles.

>Perhaps a sticky thread asking people to use [C] or [C++] in their thread titles.
Much like a sticky about how we don't do homework? :rolleyes: Personally, I think this is a bad idea. Good in theory, but in practice it won't be used consistently enough to be useful. It also adds a level of separation that discourages cross learning but doesn't truly treat the languages as separate (which they are). A halfway solution sucks. Either leave them together and let the posters differentiate through questions and context (like now), or make a clean break between C and C++ with two separate forums.

*Votes for a clean break in both VB and VB.NET; C and C++*

I don't visit the C or C++ forum (in order to make it work, you have to already start refering to them as different entities), but Narue's point is very valid.

I think we should get rid of the c and c++ forum just for Narue. I know she would like that.

I'm with server_crash on this one.

Hopefully she doesn't have a ban button.

Forums feel lot more active; Looks like the condensing is really paying off.