Whats the best Mac Or PC
For me is PC:)

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What about other operating systems? There's a lot of people 'round here that'll probably prefer a *nix distribution... ;)

Oh, and Apple was the first company to coin the term PC. Now that their hardware is basically the same as an "IBM-compatible" PC, you might consider revising your terms :p

There is no better, only different.

I refuse to vote because I like most operating systems. I happen to use Macs the most, but I like Linux quite a bit, and I often use Windows. They're all decent operating systems, and I'm not about to say that Mac OS X is the "best" operating system out there.

In fact, I'd prefer to do my development on a PC (Windows) rather than Mac OS X. For some reason, I prefer Visual Studio to Xcode or any of the many-available Linux development IDEs. Sorry, I just do. But I'd rather do my media stuff on OS X, of course.

And of course Linux for anything low-level, such as my webserver... :twisted:

Well I say Mac and PC are almost even but PC Windows is better because they used it often there are more PC that macs in schools,work,places,and houses.

apple has 4% of the uk computer market
linux has 30%
windows the rest

so if apple is so good, how come people dont buy them?

good question I bought mines but it cost me 3g lol

my pc cost me under £250 for semperon with 512mb ram, 80gb hdd and linux

perfect for day to day stuff for my parents

so if apple is so good, how come people dont buy them?

Don't you know? It's been the problem ever since the beginning. Apple kept their OS limited to their machines, which although created a nice combination, limited the number of machines running MacOS. Meanwhile IBM allowed any company to clone their machines, and while IBM hasn't created an x86 processor in a long time, the decision to allow cloning is what has given Microsoft such a significant market share chunk.

interesting so Mac made the mistake thats why Windows is better and has better selling history nice way to go Windows,

I gotta abstain cuz I use both and think both are good (In the right hands) .. And say again .."The right tool for the right job"

as far as costs ...we get the same arguement on the gun and musical instrument forums (Glock or HK (Both expensive but great) or Taylor or Martin ( 3k -10k US) oh! alomosst forgot (Nkon or Canon)

You know some of us are happy to use linux, tiger and windows all in the same day.

ooopps I've changed my mind .. I'm voting fooooooooooooorrrrrrr!

The best computer ... mac or pc

May I have the envelope please ......pause ...peek in the envelope

Mac and PC

oh! mac and pc aren't here in the audience.

Receiving the award for Mac and PC .... Child Computers "Leap Frog and former child computer "Speak and Spell" ;)

Flaco its different here ... I live in apple land and ibm land ...but I see the Aplle in more schools .. pcs in regular businesses.. Macs in creative business ( Art, Photgraphy, and Music or "mustangs"

um intresting I keep that in mind

I can't really say because I haven't used a Mac yet.

I do know that my hardware professor insists Macs are superior for anything having to do with art and music and PCs are better for business applications.

i agree

i have used a friends mac for music making, image editing and watching films and it rocks at that

I just posted which one I use. Although I have barely used macs, as a PC gamer, until more things are compatible with Apple and they aren't so f***ing uptight about their software and hardware compatibility and I can easily install Mac OS X onto PC components and I do loads of creative work and... Well basically PC will always be the one for me :)

yes Windows is betting macs thats what I like I never liked Macs i got my reasons

What are those reasons?

my reasons

1) I dont like apples approach to well ,anything
2) Price
3) Cant build my own - hard to upgrade
4) OS treats me like im an idiot
5) Doesnt run software which most people need

What are those reasons?

Well my reason first off
1-the style
2-the price
3-fewer or no games at all to play
4-cant upgrade or just plain really hard
5-and never liked the logo :eek:

yes, all macs here in the uk (even the mini) - you get about 4 times less hardware for the same price

for the cost of a mini i could get a dell with a core 2 duo, 2gb ram and 19" TFT, and vista!

commented: Here is your rep bro flaco +1

You can do music and creative stuff on the pc also. But most of the music companies make stuff for the mac. My band uses an old Mac "quicksilver" and a macbook pro for live performances. I have my mixer hooked up through firewire 400 and 800 and I do live digital sound processing. And I record Live.

And the keyboard player sequences and does live processing also on the Quicksilve.

I ocassionally look for lyrics to special request online also.
Again you can do the same thing with a PC...but the mac is made for this.

Maybe I just have an open mind about things. I ave three main machines.. four if you count the palmtop .. maybe because I don't play games ... I find no superiority in all the computers that I have. 1 - runs linux, 2 - runs XP 3- Runs OS X and 4 Palm OS 5 ...I don't spend time seeing which one is better ... I ust use it.

But in the Macs Defense about software ..and I'll use my old ibook and mac minifor and example ...i don't count my ibook and macmini cuz its a backup but they were my main computers before.

SOFTWARE I only had to buy a couple of programs because they had all the programs i needed already.

MS OFFICE 2004 - Word, Excel, Power Point, Entourage (Outlook)
OS X - Mail, SafariSync, Ichat, Datebook Etc.
XTools Development Programs
iLife - iPhoto, Garageband, iweb, imovie, idvd
Techtool and Disk Warrior
Firefox and NeoOffice, Open Office (Free)
Route 66 and National Geographic Topo

Lets See Now ... my work requirments are

EMAIL - got that covered with mail and entourage (Outlook) I could have just used apple mail

Presentations - Keynote and Powerpoint ... I could have as easily used NeoOffice, Open Office or Apple Works

Budgets - Excel, Appleworks, NeoOffice

Diagrams - Appleworks or Adobe Illustrator

Incident Reports, Reports, Lesson Plans, Proposals, Songs, lite desktop publishing - Word, Pages, and Appleworks...could also use Neo or Open Office

Photography - iphoto and cause I'm a semi-pro I bought photshop CS2

Video - imovie I use imovie alot for daily stuff but I'm in charge of training so i bought Final Cut Pro for my video class. Half are training videos are done in imovie Oh! and I bought the lic./Reg for quicktime pro $29.00 US best money I ever through down.

Logistics - I run custom software for (CAD) computer aided dispatch the vendors already had a version for Mac. And our custom database.

I do GIS/GPS - well I recently found out there were alot of applications for mac. Route 66 and National Geographic Topo w/ delorme and trimble, and garmin Nav GPS Receivers hooked up either through bluetooth and usb.

UTILITIES - alot comes with the mac or they are free i just bought disk warrior cause its a good tool.

INTERNET - I use Safari and Firefox

MUSIC - i use garageband and itunes but I also use professional studio software like both Logic Pro and Protools ... but on my old macs i used to use logic express

GAMES - I use the Analog Versions ... I live games like Music, Hula, Surfing, Paddleing, Camping, Hiking, Shooting, Karate, Aikido, Jujustsu and Fishing. So I don't have them on my computers.

So, I've written the requirements for work and play ... and I even put my non-intel mac on the table for you :)

I meet the minimum and maximum requirements of software that people use..... I see my friends and their kids ... they just surf the net (Safari and Firefox), EMAIL (Apple Mail), Music (Itunes), and do homework or work on documents for work (Appleworks or Text Edit or Open Office or NeoOffice) For most people the software they need comes with the Mac or is free. So I agree with some of what your saying... but as for the software that most people uss ?

You know ... I'd pay a couple of hundred more for a camera, and a couple of hundred more for a good guitar, so I guess I'll pay a bit more for a computer that can do what I want it to do and give me a minimum of hassle..IT JUST WORKS FOR ME :) And beleive me I do alot of work! :)

As for my New Macs ... Love Em' I have only one now that's running boot camp OS and XP ... I can get my work done with just OS X and I very seldom go to Parallel on the other.

I really don't see the need for the OS and XP Mac becasue I have all the software that I need on it.... and the application that i did this for is just coming out for the mac... But its kinda nice having two laptops in one.

You know ... now that its all been said ... I still like all computers that I use for work and home ... they are just tools :) Like Guitars, Guns and Cameras....And It's not the tool, company or price... It's the guy or gal behind it!

(why can't we all just get along - Rodney King)

apple has 4% of the uk computer market
linux has 30%
windows the rest

"Oh, people can come up with statistics to prove anything, 14% of people know that"

but apple does have 58% of the music player market

but apple does have 58% of the music player market

Funny; I always thought they had more. ;)


the iPod has dominated digital music player sales in the United States, with over 90% of the market for hard drive-based players and over 70% of the market for all types of players.

not here in the uk. most people have the creative ones

not here in the uk. most people have the creative ones

Hmmm... I wouldn't say most people...

at my college a lot of people have those creative zens or pdas

California ... alot of ipods. Silicon Valley ...even more ..my cousin works for san disk ...they make memory andmp3, video players. His prodcuts are great products ..but they ssell better in other places. I see people here with more ipods but ive been seeing the black ones and colored ones more these days.

as far as music software and service ...i use them all but i like itunes for my ipods and macs ... on the pc i have music match, real phapsody and itunes. san disks are on the pc and one ipod is one it.. the ipod video and shuffle are on the mac. Ihave the ipod nano and video set for hd mode so i can take files form my compers and use them as a portlvle drive. San disks .. I have vivideo on ..ipod video just music and podcast and vidoeo podcast and some movies.

I have ipod nano, ipod vieo, ipod shuffle, and two san disks. I only bought the nano on saoe.. i got the rest as gifts ... Idon't know anyone at creative ... but creative, apple and sandisk are neear each other and are in the bay area. they can offer the same price or less, simalr or better products ... but you gotta remeber the retaiers als0o effect the sales.. Walmart, Target, Bestby and fry's offers what selol more... or what they want to sell more. If you were a retailer .. shelf space is at a premium..you put what will sell better and if you have more space you put a simialr product by it. I worke in retail when i was in hs and coll.

Its personal choice and use..not the product. oh, I'll add availablity . More non-electronic or computer store here off fer the ipods as their mp3 players.

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