It would be nice if you could improve the formatting when a message is being posted. What you post in the message box (editor) does not always come out on the board the same way. For example, if I include many spaces, like this: Hello how are you? then the spaces are all truncated (I just used 20 spaces between Hello and how are you?)

This is important when trying to diagram something, which may look good in the editor, but ends up distorted on the board.

Also, if this isn't already possible, could you allow all of the extended ASCII character set to be displayed on the boards, along with all of the original formatting as it appears in the editor?

Thank you for your consideration.

Rebuilding DaniWeb is not an option. Ms Dani is in the middle of a major upgrade.

Use code tags to make it retain formatting


// your stuff goes here


If that doesn't work for you then you can just take a screenshot of your computer and attach it to your thread via the Advanced Editor options.

Use AD's advice for now; but new Daniweb will support the preservation of whitepaces.