I've always been wondering how can i harness the power of community within an area, which for my case, my university's campus. You can often see how community offers feedback and helds activity via the student association so i suppose that a central spot where people can gather together doing things is a fine prospect for profit.

What i'm trying to imply here is that I want to make a community driven website, where People can talk about things happening in various spots of the university's compounds, doing tradings , and holding activities together.

My university had wifi all over its compound so i guess mobility would not be a problem to get connected. I can log on to this website and do so many things. I can see what's happening in the sports complex via live feedback, I can see the events ongoing in the main hall and perhaps even a live feed of it. If i need a specific book i can go to the trading area(sort of e-commerce way) and find if i can get what i need there. People can also update their campus life on social networks, upload photos of things happening in the campus and tag them to specific buildings, and chat in online lounges and meeting new people.If such idea of Information sharing in a small connected area could receive a good feedback then maybe advertising can be brought in to be monetized.

This idea is hardly a matured one. I wanna hear more suggestion from you guys if this idea might or might not work.

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How would this be so unique from a Facebook group or groups specifically for your University?

I've never thought about that actually hahaha but i'll try my best.

The first would probably to be able to have subgroups in a large group. In Facebook groups, you can have maybe a large group of the university, but when it comes to specific school you would have to make another group on facebook for that specific group of people.With the "lobby and lounges" specific catered to different schools and society, students can access interested information more easily.

The main idea of the website is a not a group where people gather to be connected but rather to share and contribute information together.It would be more of a website where you go to find out about what is going on in the campus based on what's contributed by the community within. Personal information and live feeds can be integrated from social networks so there isn't the need to post things twice, although there are still sections like e-commerce or forums where you have to register to be apart of it.

Would this help?

And how do you think Facebook got started? Why re-invent the wheel, unless you've got some new, unique twist on the idea. Otherwise, just create a page on Facebook for your campus, if it's not been done already.

huh maybe your right. Thanks anyway :)

Hi everyone,

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Thank you...

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