hi im am farely new to making websites and was looking for a few suggestions on my website.

firstly i have completed make a fare structure for the home page here is the link to the image.Click Here but it looks lame as in the background makes it dull. i chose red because the actual shop is in red and white theme. now i was wondering if i should add a background image or gradient to make it more lively and appealing.

  1. the images, javascript, and css files all take about 700+ kb space, is it too heavy for people to load the website?

and third i used photoshop to slice and export html and then wrapped it in div. but it has spacers and uses a table inside the div, is it a bad idea or should i find a different way to make the layout, also photoshop can also use css with absolute positioning which i didnt like, but im no expert, maybe thats better?

im sorry for boring whoevers reading this and i appriciate any help you can be. thank you.

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Maybe try a darker shade of grey like #171717

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Maybe try a darker shade of grey like #171717

Try running some tests on your site to get a better idea about the size of your content. The reports will provide some recommendations as well.


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