Hi folks,

I'm planning to purchase a laptop which fulfill my requirements.

My laptop use will be for programming(C/C++/embedded/graphics/system) and multimedia(songs, movies etc) and Also I need a machine at my hometown(I goes to my hometown frequently, on alternate weekends)

Currently, I've a desktop with following specifications..
Procesor: Intel Core 2 Duo
Motherboard: Intel D945GCCR
HDD: 500GB
Monitor: 20" LCD monitor

I'm DAMM confused while selecting laptop.

Whether I should go with
* high end laptops(like core i3/i5/i7, 4-6GB, 500-640GB, 1GB graphics) which costs between 35K to 60K INR
or should go with
* basic laptops(like core2duo, 2GB, 320GB, 512 graphics) which costs less than 30K INR

Few friends suggest to go with latest trends, other suggest to go with the requirements(for that no need of high end laptops).

Budget is not a matter, I can pull it till 50-55K INR. But don't wanna waste money unnecessarily

Please suggest your opinions.


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I would say go for the latest one too... I believe you're not going to stick with just doing programming stuff only...

i3 or i5 would be good enough to require your needs but i7 is pretty far the most recommended one if you want to do serious gaming or watch HD movies...

thanks flagstar.

any other views guys??


The power of a computer depends on a number of things.
1 the processor (higher spec better for complex use)
2 the amount of memory (more the merrier)
3 the OS (some like linux / mac will go faster isn certain ways!)
4 the Hard drive.(cehck the speed and timings)
I do not believe you can future proiof so you pay what you do for what you want to do now.
If using multimedi films etc a lot then a good screen is as important as the items above (check the refresh rate. if you wish to edit films in real time then you will need a very powerful machine)
as far as (most) other programs go a low spec will cope with business use, programming (unless testing games!) and most ordinary usage.
Or to put all that another way you get what you pay for.

Define your usage first then decide how much you want to pay to do that.

It also depends on the brand of the laptop. I suggest that an i5 processor will be good enough. Unless you are doing what flagstar said above. 4GB ram and 500 GB hard drive will do and 1 GB graphics. Good luck

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Thanks for all the replies here, I am also at the verge of buying a laptop and cannot decide which brand to buy.

I suppose i5 processor will be the option

I feel it was very near when Core2Duo was considered the High-End processor, and now it is BASIC!
So, take the High-End Core i# in order to catch up with technology and survive a little longer than the Core2Duo (which might become obsolete soon!)

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