What's up with this questionnaire popup? Had it several times now, and going to it's website to disable it, doesn't appear to work. No, I have cookies enabled in my current browser.

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Rather annoying wsn't it? Those are as sure fire way of scaring off contributors. :(

They're third party, and I'm not seeing them at all, nor can I confirm who is running them, or any details of it.

I'll see if I can find out anything else, perhaps it is something on my computer. I cannot rememeber if I ever saw this on a different machine (or browser).

That popup is just an ad. If you using Chrome of Firefox then just install AdBlock plugin and you will never see that popup again.

Actually, I'm 90% sure it's part of ComScore.

Ugh, kind of annoying. Unfortunately, it's third-party, and we're not initiating it, so I have no way of disabling it. It's from one of our third-party advertisers or from the ComScore beacon that we use to land ad campaigns.

I haven't see it and I'm using IE9 which I just reinstalled last night.