I am using Lytebox v3.22 and I am trying to find a way to add a link on the popup. At present the link only appears on the thumbs page and is only dimly visible when a popup image is selected. I am using document.write. Although clicking on any area ouside the popup results in seeing the thumbs again this is user unfriendly.

How can I add a link back to the thumbs from the popup? Thanks


I have solved this problem. It appears that the way I worded the problem was misleading. What I wanted to do was return to the thumbs view from the photos view
I didn't want to use the supplied buttons but my own "button". What I did was replace the "Close" button graphic with a new button graphic "thumbnails".

I presume there is another way but don't know enough javaScript to modify the code. Since posting I got back to reading My Learn Javascript in 24 hours book. I have completed Hour 8 so far :)

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