OK here is the 1 million dollar question for super gurus only.A few months ago I had the stupid idea of installing Performersoft LLC,because my pc performance was not too good, so I thought that maybe I needed some update like drivers etc.When I realized I didn't need it, I uninstalled the software. After that every time I start the pc, I have to wait quite a long time until this blinking icon appears on my taskbar asking me if I want to install the software.I realized that something must have gone wrong during the removal so I figured to reinstall it again and after uninstall it.Usually works, not this time, if I click yes it won't do anything,if I click no I get another popup saying that to install the software I need admin privileges(does it make any sense?)I searched everywhere trying to find whatever is doing this, a leftover file or something,I could not find anything.Typing the name in the serach box did not give me any clue.I searched with Windows Explorer but found nothing and the thing kept popping up every time. The worst thing is that until I click no I don't want to install and OK on the second popup(admin privileges) I cannot get connected to the Internet which is very annoying.I contacted the company and they asked me to send some screen shots which I did. After that never heard from them again, probably they don't know what to do themselves.I finally located the damned thing going to Dos.C:\ProgramData\InstallBrainService\ibsvc.e/UPDATER.Great I said now I'll delete it.Ya right access denied.I tried from the admin account still access denied, what can I do?Do I have to format the hard disk and reinstall the OS to get rid of it? I appreciate your help.Thank you.

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Is it running as a service? You may need to manually stop the service before deleting or uninstalling the software.
To stop a service, log in as an administrator and run services.msc, or use net stop <service name> from the command line.

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Hi, I finally got rid of it.I installed revo uninstaller and I was able to delete it. Thanks for your help this was really a bugger.

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