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    Dani 1,665   6 Years Ago

    DaniWeb retains full rights to everything posted on the site. We do this for a few reasons. 1. If someone posts something in violation of our rules (spam, illegal, etc.) then it's important that the DaniWeb moderation team be able to modify it / delete it to our liking. (We … Read More

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    Dani 1,665   6 Years Ago

    > Transfer of exclusive copyright rights must be in writing and signed. DaniWeb does not have an exclusive license to any of my posts. That's actually not true. By signing up with DaniWeb and providing your information to us, you accepted our terms of service and effectively entered into a … Read More

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    Dani 1,665   6 Years Ago

    > Any and all information posted on DaniWeb may not be copied or used elsewhere, in any way, shape, or form, either on the Internet or in print, without prior written permission from Dani Horowitz. I have no issues with people using code on DaniWeb within their apps or as … Read More

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    WaltP 2,905   6 Years Ago

    No it's not legally binding. Yes it's possible. Read More

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