anybody know how to convert a doc file to pdf using c# code
i need to create my owne application i donot want to use any one at internet

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If you dont want to use anyone on the internet, why would you be asking us? Arent we on the internet too?

The simple answer is you would need to read up on PDF format, as well as then the microsoft word format, and work from there.

Most people would use a PDF printer however.


It is wayyy to complicated to convert a doc to pdf, if you are just wanting to use your own code. I agree with LizR, use a pdf printer. You can use Ghostscript PDF Printer and call through code. I have also used pdf995. The pdf spec is fairly complicated and isn't something that you can just code in a short amount of time.


Sorry LaziR iam bad English speaker i do not mean anyone i mean any ready programe at internet to convert

and thank you to reply

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Then you need to do a heck of a lot of reading about the file format from word in its many versions, as well as a lot on how to write out PDF files.. Both will be a long and hard journey


Yes I know lizR, but anyway, this assembly could be nested to the hole application, or better he could reverse it and try to build his own assembly based on idea found there, may be it will be a suitable solution for him

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