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These are the result of posts that got deleted by one of the moderators. Someone posts some spam or inappropriate post, it bumps up the thread, a lurking moderator reads it, deletes it, but then the thread remains bumped up. Unfortunately, this tends to happen to old threads too.

As a moderator, I can see the deleted posts, and that thread you linked to has three deleted spam posts at the end of it.


Ah, thanks for that, Mike. A pity that the bump action does not get reset....


I've also noticed that every since Dani upgraded to the new forums. There were a lot of threads that indicated Dani was the last poster, but if you go to the last post in the thread she is not there.


A pity that the bump action does not get reset....

We considered updating those particular fields upon deleting the last post of a thread, but at the time decided it was too expensive.

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