Does anyone knows how to retrive a password or reset on the Windows XP Home edition SP2. I cannot access anymore on my notebook I try safe mode still don't work still asking a password. I have no floppy drive only a CD-Rom.

Check this website.

Still not work! Actually yesterday I installed new computer with Operating system Windows XP Prof I create an Administrator password and I create my own username without a password. After installation I did the windows update. I select custom update I select only 18 out of 35 updates available and after the download and installed. Needed to be restart so I follow I restart and after my computer boot he's now asking my password. Appeared in the screen displaying list of username asking a password. I try in safe mode to login for Administrator account it could not login with a correct password.
Is it possible that windows update is causing this? Because it is the same with my laptop. I try the application your recommend I did all the instruction but I check it and reset the password but after boot still asking a password.

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