DaniWeb is great, and I really like the new incarnation. But there are some kinds of functionality that didn't get re-implemented.

The specific one I would like to see brought back is that you could click on the "New" button next to a thread (or the purple "bulls-eye" for threads you contribute to), and it would jump you to the latest unviewed entry. That was really convenient when perusing long-running threads (e.g. some of the Jokes or Quotes threads in the Geeks' Lounge).

I don't know if anyone else misses this functionality from the "old" DaniWeb, but I sure do. Any chance of that getting re-implemented? Pretty please?

Oh, and I mostly use Chrome to view this site.

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Thanks for the suggestion
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This wasn't put back right away because it's rather resource intensive to implement. I'll play around and see what I can do.

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