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I am learning too. Best way to learn better is write code and keep breaking stuff. You'll reach a point when you start creating things rather than breaking, only if you understand how things work. Watch video tutorials, write code, read tutorials. :)

I suggest taking codecademy tutorial before you go ahead with php.


You want a book? Where do you buy good books? The answer's there
Free books - how badly do you want to learn?
References: php.net, tizag

If you're serious about learning, you will have found resources or will have bought a book by now. Can afford a PC (etc), so you could probably stretch to a good book.


for me http://www.w3schools.com/ is the best! specially for starter, provides basic and simple example that is easy to understand

i definitely agree with your suggestion vaultdweller123, actually we're just the same, i'm trying to familiarize myself in PHP .. so http://w3schools.com will help you a lot, it provides basic and easy to understand examples and also it also provide CSS and PHP tutorial,if you need other examples you might wanna check http://php.net, don't worry Google is your friend.. try searching topics and voila! you'll have it! Good luck mate! Cheers!

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