Hello, This is mainly a message to Dani (although interested to know whether anyone else has seen this..)

The the PM message frame extends too far to the right (at least on my screen @ res 1280x1024). It cuts off the right-hand-side of the PM message window, so long lines like this end up obscured underneath the site navigation & google ads.

This happens both in Firefox (latest ver: and MSIE 6

Sorry if someone has already pointed this out, I couldn't find anything in the feedback forum :)

This image shows what i mean, although it happens when viewing PMs aswell as composing them.

Oversized screen dump ;)

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I hate to say it, but it was designed this way on purpose. Here's the thing ...

When people use [code] tags, in order to get the scrollbar to work properly and to account for people with really long lines of code to not form unclean line breaks or worse, it is necessary to specify the absolute width of the <div> tag which encompasses code. (This is a given.)

The width specified looks fine within the forums, but when used in the Control Panel, the left CP navigation menu occupies space, making the width of the code area too big for the space allotted. Therefore, when viewing a PM in the control panel that contains [code] tags, the code box takes up too much room and pushes everything out.

I therefore opted for the lesser of two evils. I would rather things look a little funky when viewing PMs with [code] (I mean, how often does that really happen?) as opposed to sitewide shrinking the width of the [code] box and making it more inconvenient for every forum thread that has code in it.

Just as I wrote that ... I thought about seeing if it's possible to set two different widths for [code] ... one within PMs and one within forums. Let me go take a looksie ...

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