Hi, folks!

I need to use Desktop Sharing in Red Hat 9, but when I start the program I receive the error message "Cannot find KInetD. Have you restarted KDE after installation?". I searched for this message at google.com and found some threads, but all of them without answers.
If anyone knows how to fix this, please tell me.

Thanks in advance.


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Which version of KDE are you using? (I don't use RedHat, so I don't know which versions it ships with.)

I haven't tried using the "Desktop Sharing" feature that I have seen lately, but I beleive that it is KDE-specific. Are you running KDE as your desktop environment, or are you trying to run this under Gnome/Fluxbox/XFCE/WindowMaker/etc...? KDE programs often have issues when run outside of the KDE environment.


I wasn't aware of KDE Desktop Sharing. A quick look to google says it's VNC.

It is very possible to setup VNC to have remote control of your computer, should you desire it. It is possible for more than one remote client to control a particular VNC session on a Linux box (meaning I have vncserver running on :5 on the linux box. My Mac, and another remote client can both see ... and control ... the :5 display, much like an xhost+ type of thing.

Since this post is rather old, I'll save the details. I am a big beliver in secure use of VNC, and would be happy to share.


I had the same problem too, but here is how to fix it: reinstall redhat 9 and when choosing the packages to install, select "custom" and than install "everything" don't just put a check near all of them, go to the bottom of the page and click "everything"

...that's kind of a heavy-handed approach. No offense, but wouldn't it be better just to figure out what you need too install?

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