What gives with the bold purple text following the code in this thread? It's confusing, and looks like shit. Is that some new formating change made to the forums?

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It's the "Heading" format, done with # some text #. I guess we can't really be responsible for people's lack of good taste, if they decide to write some text as a Heading, so be it.


Oh, in that case what's the reason for it in the software forums -- suggest Dani remove it there. The only reason I can think where it might be useful is for someone like Davy to write articles. In software programming forums is looks just like Related Forums.


I think it's too big, that's all. Consider this is a heading

Some Heading

and this is a sub-heading:


I think that the current sub-headings are the size that the headings should be and then have a smaller/different font for the sub-headings. I always thought it was weird to be able to create headings that are the same size as the thread's title.

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Oh, in that case what's the reason for it in the software forums -- suggest Dani remove it there.

It's basic Markdown. While possible, I don't really see the necessity of restricting the core formatting like that just for the development forums. However, I do agree with Mike that the font could be tweaked...maybe with an underline attribute and a smaller size.


I tend to write articles or code snippets in the software sections that make use of this markup, so I must contest your suggestion to remove it from them.


Good points. However, I'm not sure about underlines - they tend to look like links. WHen I use the headings in markdown, I always choose sub-heading as the heading is far too big and as mentioned it looks a bit odd.

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