Wouldn't it be nice if we have a notification system ? I mean i will get notifications of only those threads on which i have replied at least once or the threads which are started by me ? It is going to help me alot if i have a beep sound whenever i have a notification like fb system has. because when DAniweb is opened on another tab, i have to refresh it so as to check any reply or something. Aslo, it will notify me whenever i am working on something else and i have a beep sound which will tell me that i have a reply. Don't know how much useful it is, but it is damn helful to me and i hope will be helful to others also. (we may have an option to switch off the notifications so as to save people who don't want this feature). thanks a lot. :-)

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** Beep! **

If someone was waiting for an urgent solution to a problem, something like that would be a good idea. But, it would also need to be off by default. Something, else you would need to consider, if that thread became a hot topic things could get annoyingly noisy.If you had a couple of threads on the boil, your system would sound like a pinball machine.

There is another option, but I couldn't locate it in my profile settings, you could request an email notification and your phone would notify you if you have it configured for email. As your phone would only poll as often as you wanted (every 30 min's?) you would receive a collections of messages all for the cost of one 'beep!' :-)


There is another option, but I couldn't locate it in my profile settings

It's the "Receive e-mail from DaniWeb" checkbox.


You would want to use the Watched Articles feature. You will receive an email notification of every article that you're currently watching.

There's also a link at the top to visit your watched articles where you can manage which articles you're currently watching. Optionally, you can click the Watch this Article button at the bottom of any particular thread. There's also an option in your member profile to automatically watch articles that you post in.

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