Hello All,

Kindly let me know if somebody can help with letting me know what kind of messages should be sent toward the mobile handset to display the Voicemail Notification Icon on the top of the mobile screen?

Seems it's not an ordinary SMS which should be sent but some parameters should be set in the header of the message, can anybody help with this.

Thank you in advance.

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Are you running you own cellular network? Shouldn't the only thing that comes up as a voicemail icon be new voicemail?

Yes new voicemail should display this icon :)
no i am not running my own cellular network but i hope that i can some day :)

I am asking for a voicemail platform, I am implementing voicemail platform and the customer asked me to display voicemail icon when voicemail is received.

Thank you!

Just for knowledge sharing I found how to bring this icon to the handset :)
Usually the SMS when it's being sent from the network entity (SMSC) their is several data coding can be used based on your message lanuage as example for english latters data coding scheme 8 can be used as for Arabic or Russian text Unicode should be used so in order to display this icon all what is needed is to use new data coding scheme which is 0xC8, below is full descriptions about the usage of the DCS in the SMS headers.

The first nibble can be:
- (0xC) for Message Waiting Discard (do not store the text that is in this message)
- (0XD) for Message Waiting Store (do store the text that is in this message

The second nibble’s first bit represents on/off:
- (0×0) is set indication inactive
- (0×8) is set indication active

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